Let’s face it folks, if we are reading this on a computer, on the internet, with electricity being supplied, if we have eaten today and have a roof over our heads, we are blessed! The LURE team takes that blessing seriously and looks for opportunities to share our expertise and experience in ways that are congruent with our mission: improving the quality of life for people now and in the future. This demands a few things from us, including participating in efforts to preserve and maintain our environment. One of our current projects is helping our friends at the San Pancho Bird Observatory   (SBPO) who use birds as a focus for a much wider conservation effort.

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The SBPO have a multidisciplinary conservation strategy that integrates education and capacity building, community development and conservation science. LURE uses its expertise in communications, events planning, education and community development to support the SPBO’s efforts.

Contact Us or click on the SPBO link above to learn more, take a tour or join us volunteering!