No we are not the first to discuss the dangers of navigating the roads*  of Mexico nor will we be the last. But with the ever-evolving landscape of roads* and increasing traffic, shared wisdom can only be helpful so here is some of ours:

Section One – Topé Identification and Classification

Topé – from the Spanish transitive verb “Topar” meaning to run into, stumble upon, come upon unexpectedly or bump into. This noun lives up to its literal heritage! A topé can come in a seemingly endless number of varieties. Some of which we will identify here for your information.

The Standard Topé – What a topé was meant to be. It is painted to be a different color than the road, utilizes a slope that does not set your vehicle on a trajectory for the stratosphere, can be cleared without a terrifying scraping noise by an average height auto and causes most drivers to slow their speed to negotiate it.

A Standard Topé Looking All  Harmless and Such

You might think this is a good thing but sadly what the Standard Topé in fact does is that it LIES! Standard Topés make you think that topés aren’t so bad. They fool you into a false sense of security so that the next variation can accomplish its maniacal non-standard mission. They are polite and courteous to your face but will set you up for a fall… unless you are aware of them and refuse to let them lull you with their easy-to-see looks and soft bump techniques. They are truly the Eddie Haskell of topés. (Ask us if you don’t know about Eddie Haskell).

Now that you know, you can safely navigate the Standard Topé without it causing you to let down your guard. Keep coming back to learn about varieties like No-pés, Ro-pés, Slope-és, Plateau-pés, Catastrophi-pés and even a new variety that is rated ‘R’. All that and all the other interesting Méxican road variations and negotiations are on the way!

  • Road(s) – a term frequently used to describe any sort of cleared path consisting of any type of material that, at some point, has be traversed by vehicles that predominately use wheels and motors for propulsion.