The dream is real. Tequila is an actual place where you can go and experience Mexico’s finest addition to inebriation in almost every form possible. There was even tequila ice cream and agave (the plant that tequila is made from) fiber clothing. So you can literally go to Tequila, stay in Tequila while eating and drinking tequila all the while wearing tequila-esque (yes, that is a tequila-induced word) clothing and accessories.

I don’t want to wake up.

Just when you think the dream can’t get any better, imagine your good friend pulls out his cell phone and announces, “I asked around and got some info about an out of the way Tequilera for us to find.” While this statement doesn’t sound immediately exciting, allow me to explain that our good friend is a seasoned sailor with J-World Performance Sailing who has connections all over the world who know Mexico and when someone says they have an ‘out of the way’ place in Mexico that is worth finding, it is going to be a treat. That, and the cryptic nature of the directions made it all the more intriguing. Note that directions here are normally different than in the rest of North America (keep an eye on our feature, “Una Pregunta” for more info about that topic) but these directions had a clandestine nature to them that heightened our interest. Think, “Get off the highway on the unnamed road where the old woman sells tortillas outside the cemetery. Stop and buy a dozen tortillas and ask her where to find the house of the horseshoes. She will point you down the road in the right direction. Once past the house of horseshoes the road will end – continue on the dirt path (this is a also a common theme – See our Road Survival Guide for more info in the coming weeks) until you come to the tied up burro. Untie the burro and follow it home to your destination.”


There may be some embellishments to the original directions in the description above but suffice to say it took 4 adults and a very intelligent and handsome canine repeated attempts to ensure they were followed correctly. Regardless, the resultant destination, La Rosalia Tequila and Arts aka Las Juntas Tequilera was well worth the effort.

On arrival we were invited in immediately and warmly to the tasting area / barrel room. Saúl, one of the three brothers who own and operate Las Juntas, is standing in the barrel room and on our arrival already proudly pouring a taste of his handiwork. The rustic environment, sights and smells of production and the pleasant chatter from the staff create the feeling of a rural family fiesta; always an event.

The pride with which the entire team produces their product is overwhelmingly evident as they answer all of our questions with excitement. As Saúl finishes a lesson in the varieties, Jorge, the plant engineer transforms into ‘Tequila Ambassador’ and we are off to see and learn about the entire process. At each stop team members chime in their info and “Salud!”as we become fully versed in what makes great tequila. For the record, Los Juntas makes great tequila!

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Simply stated we learned that making a world class tequila is truly an art and therefore no surprise that we find art made by Saúl and his father woven into the architecture and grounds and part of the brand. It’s the perfect Tequilera for LURE and we couldn’t resist the invitation from Saúl to add our signature to the collection with the help of Jennifer London of Londonography.



Muchas gracias Saúl y todos los amigos de La Rosalia Tequila and Arts!

Stay tuned for Part 3 of Tequila-ception and more about the town of Tequila and surrounding areas.


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  1. Bravo! A fantastic story. I’ll drink to that, and yes, it will be the good stuff from Las Juntas! Thanks for sharing and bringing your Lure readers along for for the adventure! One, two, three, Tequila!


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