For the record, there was no actual crime; save for a wrong turn or two in the town of Tequila down one way streets resulting in some very kind people pointing out the mistake and waiting patiently for us to complete a 3 (more like 23) point turn on the narrow cobblestone streets. But since we are now deep into “Tequila-ception” the movie tag line still fits. That, and this picture:


Yes, that is all tequila from La Rosalia Tequila and Arts While it does look like the makings of another sequel to “The Hangover” (What number is it now? 11?) we swear that the majority of the gallon jugs were for “friends”. Really. No, we’re serious. Stop laughing…

Coming from the unabashedly tourist focused Puerto Vallarta and Bay of Banderas region, it is easy to expect that a town called “Tequila” might have the feel of a non-stop fiesta or at the least employ similar tactics to get the attention of its visitors. Puerto Vallarta has perfected the method to garner the short-term vacationers time and attention to maximize their fun and enjoyment of the bay and to a certain extent this is true in Tequila. The presence of the “barrel bus” or “bottle bus” and “giant chili bus”

offering narrated tours and tasting confirms that tourism is a close second to the production of tequila for the economy. Tequila knows it is a tourist town but it’s a tourist town that has included “Miss Manners Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior” in their training material. The resulting environment is one that is at the same time a fun fiesta and a quaint, relaxing, welcoming traditional Mexican town. Well done Tequila! Sitting in the plaza enjoying a beverage (we’ll let you guess which one) and then walking Centro we were treated to music, conversation and a host of people both local and seasoned visitors who made us feel genuinely at home. We asked the typical tourist questions and received pleasant and informative answers. Folks stopped and waited as we took pictures.

Even the dogs were friendly and we were tempted as always to adopt them all.

Alright, we do have to admit that our penchant to love all the “public pets” as we call them and bring them home isn’t reserved for Tequila but there were some very sweet pups who befriended our very handsome and intelligent canine companion.   They made it hard to resist bringing them back to the bay. The whole town has this same sort of effect on its visitors. Somehow I have to find a way to build a wardrobe a la “The Chronicles of Narnia” to be able to jump back and forth to this lovely destination.

Yes, we still have tequila leftover. Yes, if you want to try some we would love to share. Yes, we probably bought way too much tequila. But each time we take a sip or share a taste with friends old and new we are reminded of that warm welcome and are happy to to reminisce. Tequila, we will be back!

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