Some of you have asked how we find the places we have been. Some times we have seen something online or someone has passed on a recommendation. Some times we have seen something as we have travelled and made note or seen a picture or story on line – our list of things to do and see in Mexico is getting very long! But many times it is just the desireimg_3081 to explore and so, as we see a road that leads off into the distance, we turn down it. As we drive, if we see a path to a destination with others nearby, in particular folks who live here, we follow the path. Care and concern for private property are of course always part of our decision as is our personal safety. That said, all we have ever found in our deviations from the main road are friendly people, amazing places and views and the great satisfaction of seeking and finding.

Here’s an easy example close to home for us.

While travelling to meet with our good friend Alfonso at his fantastic restaurant Litibu Grill (read all about Alfonso at our blog My Mexican Neighbourhood), we came upon a dirt img_3139road off of the highway. It led towards the coast and while at Alfonso’s place we had seen the bluffs in the distance and knew the vista of the sea would be beautiful if we could reach it. The road was rocky and bumpy but Tootsie the Jetta took it in stride as we made our way carefully. In moments we were driving along the bluff to the beach with some fantastic homes and of course spectacular ocean views. Rounding a corner we saw what has becomeimg_3096 to us a signal for investigation; cars parked all along the side of the road and an open field with a well worn path. Bingo! Finding a spot alongside the other cars we set off down the path.

I will admit that some of our detours have been less than stellar as far as destinations are concerned. Some are more the enjoyment of the journey than where it leads (and also discovering the answer to the question, “Can the car make it?”) but many reward us with moments of wonderment and awe and this was the case this day.

As we made our way down the path it led us to the beach under the bluffs. The view was stunning as the beach shared soft sand entries with rocky outcropping and the bluffs had caves and cutaways where families had gathered enjoying their day. Asking one group where we were we were told, “Punta Negra” which connects to Litibu Beach on the north side of Punta Mita. Sparsely populated for the beauty of the day it was perfectly peaceful and we walked along the shore the rhythm of the ocean waves lapping the shore accentuated by birdsong. The crabs scurried across the rocks and sand and it felt as though the weight of the world was momentarily swept up in the prevailing winds coming ashore and whisked away to allow us to simply be. Perfection if but for a moment and what a reward for the detour.

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It is as simple as that friends; make that turn, follow that path and always enjoy the journey. You never know what is waiting around the corner.