Every Saturday morning I would wake up, pour myself a bowl of Cap’n Crunch and flick on the TV to watch my absolute favourite cartoons; Bugs Bunny and Friends. It always started the same way with the song, “This Is It” which I knew and still know by heart:

Perhaps it was the excitement I felt as I watched my inked-in heroes dance and sing or maybe it was because I am an only child and, well, we need attention to a degree, I can’t say (maybe you already are haha!). Whatever it was and is, I have spent my whole life performing in one way or another. For me it has been mostly music, behind the comfort of lots of percussion equipment, or sometimes speaking in public about topics I was passionate about, but always well within my comfort zone. Tonight, things will be a little different as I take the stage, like Bugs and friends, to sing and dance for the very first time. Needless to say I am a little bit excited and nervous.

Teri and I have enjoyed becoming a part of the Boutique Theatre community. After a successful audition on my part, Teri set to work to help promote the show and do what she does best, supporting, encouraging and presenting the cast and crew. It has been a fantastic experience for us both as we have met some wonderful people that we have grown to love and who have in turn loved us back. The Boutique Theatre has become a second home for us as we have spent hours in rehearsals and meetings and the welcome we have received has made it so. If you are looking to become involved in community theatre, have an interest or talent you want to share or just want to see some great entertainment, you need to get to the Boutique, especially tonight.

dsc_0500Our show tonight presents your favourite Broadway show tunes chosen by the cast for their significance in their own lives. Everyone who has seen a Broadway show knows there are those moments where the character and song connects with you and your heart and mind sing along. The cast will be sharing those moments tonight as they introduce their songs and it is our hope that you will find moments of laughter, joy, challenge and inspiration. The cast will tell you that we certainly have as we have listened to each other. Tickets are still available for all the shows but they are going fast. Get yours now!

LURE supports community theatre and the Boutique Theatre in particular. We would love to see you at one of the shows. “Overture! Turn the lights! This is it. The night of nights!”