16522996_10153685904183039_1747154922_nI won’t bother quoting it… for two reasons actually. The first is that you have already completed it in your mind, or aloud if you are an only child like me as it is one of the most cliche cliches (yea I said it – sue me jaja) known to the English language. The second you would have to know me to have guessed. I hate it when I don’t get it right the first time. Now I know, the second time around things can be much, much better. Every day I live that amazing reality with the love of my life Teri. But would I have preferred to get even that right the first time? You bet I would! Given the chance I would much rather have nigh on 30 years with her and be looking forward to 30 more. I’ll settle for the 30 more of course… but I digress. The point is I would rather succeed “at first” and leave the opportunity to try more than once to others.

This leads us to our Slightly Loco Adventure this week. We had a plan. It was a good plan. It had all the ingredients necessary for a great day. A huge off road vehicle that looked like it could drive over just about anything; the beautiful spring sun with its ‘hinting at summer’ extra bit of heat; light traffic; our schedules cleared for the day; the ringers turned off on our phones and a river full of crocodiles. Ok, for those of you who know us,

Swimming Area – Fence to keep out crocs in background. Looks safe…

I was the only one excited about the river full of crocodiles and the opportunity to swim in it with just a chain link fence between us. Teri, who is not a friend of the Mexican Cocodrilo and who possesses what she calls a ‘healthy fear’ of them, had either forgotten about the famous river restaurant and swimming hole in San Blas, Nayarit or had resigned herself to the fact that the “Loco” in “Slightly Loco Adventures” is appropriately pinned on me. Whatever the case, we were bouncing along the highway in our swimmers and sunscreen, the “Ranchero” suspension mocking the topés and the sun beaming directly into our roofless ride. Off to San Blas! Or so we had planned…

Things started well as noted. The jungle section of Carreterra 200 was fun to bounce along, albeit infinitely slower than we were used to in the tight cornering “Tootsie” the Jetta, and we headed north along the coast to our first squirrel. Nope, that’s not a typo, I meant “squirrel” or en español “ardilla”. In both languages it is what we call a distraction or detour that we take because something catches our eye. It came from the movie “Up”:


There was a sign close to Rincón de Guayabitos for a beach we had not been to before. Playa Ayala sounded interesting so we made the left turn just south of Guayabitos and started toward our mark. We are rarely disappointed with our squirrels and this one was no exception. As we started climbing up the bluffs we knew we IMG_5809were going to get a great view of the ocean but even along the road there was plenty to see. The beach was located in the town of Los Ayala. After enjoying the road leading up the bluff and then down to the coast we cruised through town taking in its charm and IMG_5813finding our way to the edge of the playa we sought. It’s a small beach but great for families and a relaxing afternoon. Teri and I took a stroll and took in the sights as we stretched our legs. Teri snapped a few pics and I stumbled upon a great deal on a 2 level catamaran that “needs some aesthetic work” 😉


This is probably the pic for the online ad…
Might need a bit more work than I thought…

Passing on the deal for the boat jaja, we hopped back in our “Red Rover” and took a few minutes to see the rest of town. Los Ayala is definitely on our list of “be backs” and we look forward to spending some more time there this summer.

Our second squirrel was also our first “try again”, a theme we didn’t expect would return later in the day. When we first arrived in Mexico, we had driven up the coast this way and found a “squirrel” in the form of a brand new piece of highway stretching up the mountainside, perfectly finished and painted winding beautifully through a canopy of old growth trees to a town called “Altavista”. The town rang a bell from some reading we had done prior to moving and we knew that IMG_5875somewhere nearby there were Petroglyphs we wanted to find. That day we were thwarted by the abrupt end to the perfect highway and a rainy season dirt road that Tootsie the Jetta could not pass. Today we would not be denied for that reason at least and ventured to find the vista in Altavista. While we normally are happy with our squirrel chasing regardless of the outcome, today was especially rewarding as the quaint and rustic town provided for us an incredible view of the mountains and coast and also some very chipper niños who greeted us as we drove by with a hearty “Buenas tardes!” The Petroglyphs would wait for another day as our goal was still down the highway but the detour was well worth the time if only for the explosive smiles of the niños but yes, our second try at Altavista was wonderful – shush already! 😉


IMG_5934On to San Blas! Hitting the highway we slipped into the flow of traffic and were soon on our way. Making good time in the light traffic and with the sun still high in the noon day sky, we followed another squirrel that we had known about prior but didn’t anticipate exploring today: Playa Chacala

Do you want to know how our day trip to San Blas ends? Well, you’ll have to “Try Again” next week (insert maniacal laughter here) friends when we conclude this edition of The Slightly Loco Adventures of Teri and Gordy.




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