IMG_2411Every one of us has been there. While each of us had different experiences with some that could be deemed far better than others, we all felt it at one time or another; the hope, the endless optimism, the love of just living that a child possesses. It is why nostalgia creeps in when we feel low. It is why the strongest memories and bonds are forged when we are still looking through the rose-coloured glasses IMG_9511 (2)of youthful expectations. It is why, when we look at a child, our hearts are warmed and we catch a glimpse again of the light we all crave.

IMG_9486 (2)But we needn’t look outside of ourselves. Within us lies the child we once were with hopes and dreams and the endless joy of living. Within each of us is light , even despite dark times in our lives. Too often we rush through our days without remembering it. Too often we forget to play, to enjoy, to live. Today, LURE invites you to stop, take a moment to breathe deep and find your inner child. Let the thought of it make you smile. Let it pull you aside for a moment and remember that life is a blessing and made to be lived, not endured. Find your light. See life through the eyes of a child.

IMG_2419IMG_9945 (2)


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