Featured in our last Chapter of the Fun Survival Guide, our example of a “Usa Cualquier Cosa Naranja” inhabitant of a migrated metal grate (See it here if you haven’t read it yet) has been further infiltrated! As the grate has continued its migration uninterrupted, more “Cosas Naranja” have arrived. This one is a different variety than the first. Notice the reddish tint to the colouration. Some would say this would actually be a “Usa Cualaquier Cosa Roja” but because of the positioning we know this to be a variant of the typical orange species. The likelihood of this species being ousted by a stronger “Cosa Naranja” in the near future is high.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Catch a glimpse of it on Carreterra 200 by the Mega in Bucerias (on the lateral) now before it disappears 🙂



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