El Buzo de Bucerias, the iconic diver statue that adorns the plaza and is the subject of hundreds of tourist pictures since its installation in 2014, is something that the LURE IMG_6533team has seen time and time again; loving that it stands to pay homage to the history of Bucerias. The artist, Octavio Gonzalez Gutierrez, was careful that this homage was made generic to represent the entire community but also very specifically to honour the families that form the footings of the town, choosing the face of Ramón Barraza as the image to copy. One of those families, pivotal in Bucerias’s history, is also the family of Oscar Edesma. As we met to talk to him in his “office”, he was happy to tell us about it.

“My grandfather worked on building the highway.” Oscar tells us as he shares the story of 16299225_1796122660640975_4648628917152868305_nhow his grandfather met his grandmother in Bucerias while constructing the main artery that runs through town and how they settled in Bucerias once the job was done. “I grew up here.” he adds although the regular shouts and waves from passers by have already hinted at the fact. In fact, Teri and I had arrived early to the place we were to meet and when we asked if they knew Oscar and where he was, the server’s cell phone popped out and a call immediately initiated with the comment, “I’ll see where he’s at – he’s my cousin.” Sure enough, after a short conversation Oscar was on his way to meet us and we were already aware that Oscar was integrally involved in Bucerias.

Sitting on the beachfront where Oscar runs Bucerias Surf, his fledgling SUP, Surf, Kayak and all ‘enjoy the ocean’ activities company, it is easy to see his love of the water. It’s a rough day, high winds creating choppy conditions so he is not renting boards but the longing in his eyes as he looks out across the white-capped water tells of his preference to be out there. He has seen much change as over the years but the one constant was the bay. “I want to wake up and see the ocean.” he states emphatically, speaking of the work he is doing to a family home on the other side of the highway so that he can accomplish his desire. 16938992_1808247702761804_6291890545357426263_nDescribing his growing business, Oscar speaks excitedly about all the activities and creative twists he is bringing to the standard “Rent an SUP” business. His partnership with a local Yoga instructor for example, shows his willingness to share the bay with other like-minded entrepreneurs or his “SUP to the Market” tours on Sundays to the La Cruz market where he takes a twist on the regular rent and return activity and gives people a guided tour experience that includes time at the famous La Cruz Sunday Market for shopping and entertainment. Oscar wants everyone to love the bay as much as he does and to enjoy it as often as he. Although expressing sadness at the advanced level of development on the waterfront and in general, Oscar is not sitting still and lamenting. IMG_6542Ready to capitalize on the moment, he is always discovering and initiating partnerships that expand his capabilities affording him the ability to provide his services from Mismaloya to San Pancho. Wherever there is access to the water, Oscar wants to be able to be a part of the enjoyment of it.

Perhaps because he enjoyed it as much as he did as a youth or perhaps it is ingrained in his nature as part of a foundation family in Bucerias, Oscar perks up further when he talks about his plan for a new service specifically for kids. He wants them to discover how

much fun the ocean can be and all of the options that are available to do so. Swimming, kayaking, SUPing, Boogie Boarding and more are all on his list to begin to teach to kids and youth. It is obvious as he describes the program that his plan to ensure that the bay has future visitors and admirers is to endear young people to the rhythm of the surf and to have them confidently commanding them with joy. It’s a great plan and with the next generation of families discovering the Bay of Banderas with their young families one that is sure to succeed both financially and purposefully.

IMG_0009Oscars’ smile never left him for our entire meeting. His obvious joy of living and love of his hometown on the bay pours out of him as naturally as the high tide pours onto the beach. He is a natural ambassador by his simple presentation of how much the water means to him. Sitting with Oscar, my eye turns also to the water, churning as it is today, and I find myself equally longing to feel the waves crashing over my head and the tug of the currents playfully pushing and pulling me. His attitude toward the bay is infectious and it is no wonder that those who have known him since a boy and those who have met him for the first time here in his office all have the same opinion; Oscar is a young man with a vision and that vision is to share with people of all ages how incredible his bay and his town are to enjoy.

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Oscar has some great events coming up including a light-assisted Pink Moon paddle and summer specials to keep you on the water and smiling every day. Give him a call: 322 728 3470 or contact him via his FB Page: Bucerias Surf to book your adventure now!


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