Those of you who have followed since January will know that our adventures are admittedly, “Slightly Loco“. It’s true. By normal rules we drive too far, plan too many things and do too much. But we are fine with that because we love every minute, even when the plan falls apart. It’s about seeing new places and people and sharing the priceless gift of time together. So if we are “Slightly Loco” so be it. We are “Slightly Loco” together and that is what truly matters.

20120416_playa_manzanilla_viernes_santo01-620x359This week marks the second week of the Semana Santa / Semana Pascua holidays here in Mexico. It is a national break, where most of the country rests and finds time for family and friends and the devout celebrate their spring festivals. It is also the time where anyone who is within reach of the coast by plane, train, bus or auto makes for the water. The coast is our home so by default a significant percentage of the nation is coming… to our home. Hundreds of thousands of people have arrived and we couldn’t be happier to see them enjoying the beautiful bay and the art and entertainment of this amazing area. That said, the LURE team is also taking a vacation.

“What does a LURE vacation look like?” you might be asking. Since our regular weeks are full of day trips and adventures; what does vacation mean to the LURE team? Well, it strikes us that vacation for most is the opposite of the day to day. If you work in an office you get outdoors. If you are crazy busy you stop and relax. So what is the opposite of the LURE day to day? Staying in. Yup, it’s Semana Santa and we are holed up in our cozy little apartment with our feet up. Ok, it’s not quite as lazy as that but we have suspended regular programming for a much needed breather and have no desire to join the throngs of humanity desperate to feel some sand between their toes and have a wave or two splash around them. It is vacation time and we confess, we are not doing much of anything.

It is LOCO out there. Our adventures may be slightly loco, but unless you only have the week to do it, it is loco to try to get to the beach, travel into Puerto Vallarta or even visit the grocery store right now. Christmas was busy, but this is way over the top. It makes you wonder where everyone is staying? Every car is jammed with passengers. Every parking spot within walking distance of the beach is taken. Restaurants and vendors are busy. It’s fantastic and frightening all at once. Please understand, we wouldn’t change a COMUNICADO-516-4thing. This place is too beautiful to horde and it would be hypocritical for us to say we want to LURE you to a better quality of life, including living somewhere as gorgeous as the Bay of Banderas and then wish less people were here. The loco crowds are great and on a short walk through our own town last night there was excitement and energy that was great to see. So please out of town friends, enjoy our beautiful bay. Take good care of her (pick up your trash etc.). and love here like we all do. We send out regrets for not joining in but we get to live here so you go ahead. We will stay here with our feet up watching Netflix… don’t judge 🙂

Disfrute de su celebraciĂłn mi amigos de MĂ©xico. Bendiciones a todos.


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