IMG_0461Be honest, last week did we leave you with a craving for Poutine, Smoked Meat and the like? Trust me, if there was a cheap flight from Puerto Vallarta to Montreal, we might have made the trip. The food here in Mexico is divine, but french fries with gravy and cheese curds is a birthright for me so I did experience some nostalgic hunger pains. So I therefore apologize if you suffered the same and were not able to satisfy the craving.

It’s only going to get worse for a moment friends because the next stop on our walking tour is Montreal Poutine for lunch.


Our stroll had built up a significant hunger despite fuelling up for the day at our hotel so as we walked through Old Montreal, we were enticed by the aroma of lunch and happy that our schedule indicated it was time. Time for lunch yes, but not just any lunch. It was time for the flavours we had been anticipating since we had decided to visit. As mentioned, our choice from the plethora of options (I imagine there is a bylaw that says there must

Still not old enough Emily…
Lucas with the goods.

be an offering of poutine and smoked meat every 15 metres or so given the empirical evidence before us) is located just down the street from Place Jacques-Cartier, perfect for our walking tour. Heading to the second story, we sit by the window to have a view to the hustle and bustle below while we try not to drool on our menus. The staff are friendly and upbeat and we are being served a much needed beverage with our favourites from the menu being prepared. At this point I could go into great detail about how perfect the meal was when it arrived. I would not be lying. The IMG_0468problem with describing every succulent, gooey, peppery morsel (my poutine had smoked meat on it – why fool around?) is twofold; first, I do not want to risk a short circuit from overactive mouth-watering and second, I have not found the inexpensive flight to Montreal to satisfy the resultant craving already brewing. Suffice to say, it was exactly what we had hoped for and plenty of it. Thank you Montreal Poutine. You nailed it.



IMG_0417Ready to walk off lunch, we made our way up Place Jacques-Cartier to see City Hall. Hoping to catch a tour we entered to find theatrical lighting and a number of people in costumes in the middle of registering for auditions. Assuming that this was not the regular process for the municipal government, we took advantage of the open areas and made our own tour. This was great until we made our way upstairs innocently admiring the rounded doorways and other architectural curiosities all the way to the office of the Mayor. Here, we were greeted by a bilingual flurry of imperative questions. “Where are you going?” IMG_0441followed by some imperative statements, “You cannot be here!” It was the receptionist / assistant to the Mayor and she was apparently not eager to  see visitors at this time. A security guard showed up and helped us to find the stairway that we were standing at the top of and apologized for forgetting the replace the stanchion at the bottom of the stairs that safeguards unwary travellers. Thanking him, we made our way back into the street to walk through Old Montreal to retrieve Tootsie for the trip to the Biosphere.

A quick drive over to Saint Helen’s Island and Parc Jean-Drapeau and we were on site at The Biosphere a museum dedicated to raise awareness and encourage involvement in IMG_0588environmental issues. Interactive displays and some very creative presentations made it an entertaining and engaging place and apart from the expected expression of concern, a positive one. The excellent use of media and art really helped to make the important messages of conservation stick and, apart from Lucas entering a restricted area and being  escorted back to the public section (yes, a theme is emerging) it was a great visit. It was sad that we could not explore the rest of the island as it looks like the summer would find it a hub of activity. It is most definitely on our return list.

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The second half of our second day completed we retreated to our hotel to rest up for tomorrow’s trek to Mount Royal, the Botanical Gardens and Ice Skating – for the record, I did not skate. I am a poor excuse for a Canadian because I neither skate nor ski. But gosh I love poutine so I get to keep my citizenship. Day 3 next week!  Take a moment and Follow Us so you don’t miss a post 🙂


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