Couldn’t help but come back with that familiar phrase and since we sound like the news, here’s our favourite newscaster of all time for your enjoyment (my favourite story is at 2:59):

Gosh I love that guy / muppet / person with their hand put in places we won’t discuss.

Allow me a moment to gush, southern style; Y’all are just sweet as a Georgia peach picked from the tree on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Or perhaps I should keep it in context; Dios Mia! You are sweet like fresh churros relleno on a busy street corner in image00008Centro (note: if you haven’t found a street churro vendor on a corner in your area, drop whatever you are doing and immediately begin investigating where to find one and go directly there with approximately 10 pesos. You will not be disappointed. Bring more dinero if you do not think you have self-control enough not to eat until you require medical assistance. Just bring more dinero – trust us).

Yes, we had to break from our regular programming to make some adjustments to life and the outcry was, well, see the above statement. While we see the traffic that comes to our site and more info, your notes and contacts in particular have been so lovely. Thank you. In good Canadian fashion we can only say “Sorry” and “Thanks eh.”

Here’s the good news: we are back and looking forward to posting more fun stuff! To add to the fiesta, Gordy’s poetry blog has been revamped and is now officially part of the LURE offering. If you are looking for his creative writing check it out at! Our sister site  is being folded into this site so you can still see all the content here. If you don’t see a post you wanted to visit there, just click on “My Mexican Neighbourhood” on our home page and find them all there. If you have trouble just Contact Us and we will give you the new link. So now everything is under one roof. Take a minute and look around.

While it’s low season here in the Bay of Banderas for foreign tourism, it is still super busy and we are still planning and traveling and Teri is taking pictures to share with you all the great moments we experience. Our Instagram and Facebook pages have lots of great stuff so please feel free to browse it all. Looking for a favourite update or have a recommendation? Tell us and we will put it on the list to do.

We’re back. Tell your friends.

Blessings all.

The LURE Team


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